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How the Dotcloud Affects the Need for Startup Funding When you decide to launch a startup company, business advisors, counselors, bankers and armchair know-it-alls will tell you that the first thing you need to do is get funding. While there is some validity to that boilerplate piece of wisdom, the availability of and need for startup funding has gone through a dramatic transformation over the past decade, and the next few years will see even more of a shift. A perfect storm of events is causing this seismic shift. On the macroeconomic side this storm includes the still-persistent repercussions of the Great Recession, historically low interest rates, and uncertainty about global commerce and trade. On the technology side, still more realities add to the perfect storm, including the increasing popularity of as-a-service options, which make it easier for startups to l... (more)

Insurance Industry Disrupted, The Quantified-Self - Wearables, Telematics, Code Halos and Digital Transformation

By Peter Abatan, Studio Thirteen, Cognizant The New Finance Meet-up group is currently running a 6 part series over a period of 6 months to determine what could disrupt the Insurance industry. In the most recent meet-up the focus was on how the quantified-self could disrupt the insurance industry. I came away from the meet-up with the conclusion that smart insurers will begin to develop products that are more customizable to the individual needs rather than offering products desiged on demographics, i.e. where you live, your age group, family size etc. So what is the quantified-self? The quantified-self is the data that has been accumulated on the individual’s behavior, health status, medical conditions and overall well-being by the individual themselves (We call this data Code Halos at Cognizant). In the future many experts believe that it will be the basis on which ... (more)

The Top 150 Players in Cloud Computing

Cloud Expo Early Bird Savings A robust ecosystem of solutions providers is emerging around cloud computing. Here, SYS-CON's Cloud Computing Journal expands its list of most active players in the fast-emerging Cloud Ecosystem, from the 'mere' 100 we identified back in January of this year, to half as many again - testimony, if any further were needed, to the fierce and continuing growth of the "Elastic IT" paradigm throughout the world of enterprise computing. Editorial note: The words in quotation marks used to describe the various services and solutions in this round-up are in every case taken from the Web sites cited. As ever we encourage software engineers, developers, IT operations managers, and new/growing companies in every case to "suck it and see" by downloading or otherwise sampling the offering in question for themselves. (Omissions to this Top 150 list sh... (more)

Platfora Wants to Make Sense Out of Hadoop

Platfora, a Hadoop analytics start-up, has gotten $5.7 million in Series A money from Andreessen Horowitz and the CIA's venture arm In-Q-Tel. The fledging is trying to make pretty, understandable graphs out of big petabytes-size Hadoop data. Its product, which will compete with Datameer's, won't be available until next year. It says Hadoop lacks the interactivity and sophisticated reporting capabilities needed by business users. It's aiming to work with existing Hadoop clusters, including Cloudera, MapR and Amazon EMR, among others, and automatically turn the questions business users pose into dimensional and predictive dashboards, reports and insights. It says it will enable sub-second report delivery, analytics overlays and drilldown performance. It's focused on web, advertising, finance, telecommunications, logistics and federal intelligence operations. Platfor... (more)

Prolexic Raises $30 Million Round

Prolexic Technologies, the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation company, has gotten a $30 million Series C round led by new investors Trident Capital and Intel Capital. That makes $51.9 million altogether. Its existing shareholders include Kennet Partners, Camden Partners and Medina Capital. Trident will get a board seat. The 10-year-old company says its year-over-year revenues are up 65% and its EBITDA is positive. The company says this year it mitigated the single largest attack in its history (167 gigabits a second), as well as the world's most powerful attack campaign (144 million packets a second). To keep pace with bigger, stronger and more sophisticated attacks, it will use the new funding to expand its worldwide scrubbing center footprint, increasing the capacity of its cloud-based DDoS mitigation platform beyond 1 Tbps. It will also develop new... (more)

Zurmont Madison Private Equity Acquires Majority Interest in CLS Communication AG

Zurich, 13 July 2009: Zurmont Madison Private Equity L.P. ("Zurmont Madison") has acquired a majority interest in the leading language services provider CLS Communication AG ("CLS"). The deal consists of a partial buyout of the existing managing shareholders combined with an increase in the company's equity. The funds will be used to make further acquisitions and finance ongoing global expansion. On completion of the transaction, the existing management team headed by CEO Doris Albisser will hold a substantial minority interest. CLS Communication was formed in 1997 as a spin-off from the language services departments of Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS) and Zurich Insurance and was incorporated with registered office in Basel. Today CLS is a provider of integrated multilingual communication services in its core areas of finance, insurance, life sciences, telecommunic... (more)

Astaro Offers VMware Users a Free Firewall

Astaro Corporation, a 150-man German network security vendor started by a college dropout infected with the viral get-rich-quick fever that was pandemic at the turn of the century, is going to give away an open source-based business firewall for VMware. The object of the game is to get noticed in an increasing crowded market although Astaro’s low profile doesn’t seem to have done it much harm. VCs have stuffed $12 million in its jeans and it’s reportedly been profitable for the last three years. It says the recession hasn’t hurt. Anyway, Astaro, which scooped up various open source projects and turned them into software, hardware and virtual appliances – giving it more breath than most people have – means to exploit a hole in VMware’s product line. VMware only offers its vShield Zones virtual security widgetry with its higher-end vSphere SKUs, leaving users of its ES... (more)

Easiest Way to Make an iPhone Media App

iPhone Developer's Journal Called TapLynx, the downloadable framework will save organizations the high cost of custom iPhone development and significantly increase the productivity of professional app developers. TapLynx lets designers and developers create truly unique iPhone media applications with customized content and their own distinctive look and feel simply by filling out a configuration file. The framework is optimized for presenting the latest content (through standard RSS feeds), including text, images and video, all viewed inline within the application. The framework also supports multiple ad formats and servers to monetize content. Users of the app can easily share the content with their Facebook, e-mail and Twitter followers. All apps work equally well on the iPod Touch. All Things Digital, and NewsGator itself have apps built on TapLynx. ... (more)

Competition in the Clouds for Microsoft - Amazon RDS

Microsoft cannot sleep comfortably. There is assault from all flanks- be it mobile, be it OS, be it the venerable Office, almost anything one can think of. Now SQL Azure has a competitor. Amazon Web Services is out with a relational database service, the Amazon RDS. It is still in beta and seems to do everything that SQL Azure will and can do: infrastructure provisioning, software maintenance, etc. What's more MySQL 5.1 database, the darling of open source gang will get stronger as it takes up center stage for Amazon RDS. Also it is not 1GB or 10GB database, you can start up with 20GB if you want. It's going to cost money. Looks like it can range from 11c/hr to $3.10/hour depending on the size of the database you want to take to the clouds. Sign up here for Amazon RDS When you sign up you will be agreeing to use the following: Amazon RDS Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Am... (more)

Verari Close to Death

Venture Capital on Ulitzer There’s a deathwatch being kept at the bedside of the skeletal remains of Verari Systems, some paid, some not. Unable to meet payroll, the blade-cum-storage and container boutique has fired almost all of its reportedly ~225-strong staff including co-founder and CTO David Driggers – 125 of them can currently be found at a networking site that one of them set up – and the remaining management has posted a “State of the Business” message on the company’s homepage saying it’s restructuring. It reads, “Verari has initiated a process that will protect our customers’ investment and benefit our creditors as we restructure the business. The intention is to safeguard customers’ investment and provide an ongoing support capability. There are several options that are being considered to provide solutions to our customers. We expect to... (more)

Navigating the Telecom Supply Chain with Matt Hiles at Mosaic Networx

Telecom Innovation I first met Matt Hiles while he was director of business development with Looking Glass Networks in Los Angeles. As a customer looking for telecom services, navigating the providers, technologies, and deal structures can be confusing. Matt took the time to explain all aspects of the business, cost structures, and how he would get us a great deal – while still making money for his company. Matt stood out alone from a world of “wheeling and dealing” telecom sales people, unique in providing the customer a level of confidence they were getting the best product, for the best price, with the best service. Pacific-Tier: Today we have Matt Hiles, managing partner with Mosaic Networx. Hello Matt! So tell us a little about yourself, how did you get into this business? Matt Hiles: I started in telecommunications right out of college, and I’ve been in the ... (more)